Be Socialized



You can’t know where you should be going if you do not see where you have been. Our digital experts take a snapshot of everywhere you appear online to see if you are gaining the type of exposure you need to promote your book. Authors tend to shy away from self-promotion online or overdo it because they do not understand the balance. This Audit is invaluable to know how to access your readers and where to focus your energies.

The pandemic proved to the world the benefits of technology as it allowed for connection even without contact. As things continue to change and open up, it is unlikely that online behavior will ever fully return to pre-COVID days. People were already making decisions based upon internet research and making most of their purchases online.

Having an online presence is the most significant benefit to authors who could not establish enough of a following to warrant a book contract in the past. Building an effective online platform can also put DIY authors on an even playing field with traditionally published ones. This Audit is the first step to determining what an author needs to compete.

It includes:!

An Audit of traffic to any existing websites.

A Review of social media platforms and engagement.

An analysis of the quality of the posts.

An examination of any existing online plan.