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Branding requires strategy. Many publicity and marketing companies use a shotgun approach to gain exposure for their clients. But the world has changed. No longer does constant barraging with advertisements called push do the trick. That was the old way of marketing. An ad would tell you what you need and provide it for you. In today’s world, gaining trust and delivering value is what draws people to your brand. A strategy is the only way to accomplish this.

Our digital marketing team and our Publishing Experts work together to build a strategy that helps authors get noticed. Everything we do keeps the core message and value proposition aligned to build an audience and ultimately sell more books.

We are not looking for a quick fix. Numbers mean nothing if there is no authentic engagement underneath the statistics. We are experts and create strategies that will match the right audience with the right content. This way, the results are long-lasting.

A comprehensive strategy that includes the unique value proposition

We look for long-range results, not the quick fix