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Customized Author Websites


Many authors waste their online real estate with landing pages or easy to construct websites. These websites might look good, but they do nothing to build an author’s brand because they lack functionality. Our websites are customized to suit the essence of the work, the author’s personality, and even the most appealing colors. The first thing an agent or a publisher will do is google a prospective author. An author’s website is vital for those seeking a publishing contract.

We believe an author’s website is as personal as the story they wish to tell. We get to know our clients and their work to match theme and concept with brand and sensibility. We work with hundreds of customizable themes, none of which will ever be precisely the same.

The whole idea of a brand is uniqueness. For this purpose,  we work hard to make sure every bit of the website reflects the author and the work. These websites are showcases about which our clients can be proud.

This service includes: !

A carefully selected theme.

Creation of a blog.

Content gathering.